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How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Pregnancy

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Pregnancy
How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Pregnancy-Unplanned Pregnancy

Today women have every right to decide on what they want to do. Pregnancy is something you might not be ready for at present. But the precautions somehow didn’t work and now you want to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy?

There are a host of pregnancy prevention medicines available today in the market.  Some medicines can prevent unwanted pregnancies for a few months and some others can prevent it for a period of 3 to 6 years. But are you worried about the possible infertility issue which might arise because of pregnancy prevention medicines? Pregnancy can be prevented as long as you can act fast and also with the best birth control method. These preventions are very helpful and they hardly have any side effects. You should be careful when having sex in order to avoid unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. And if you want to prevent it, you must have knowledge about the methods for preventing it.

When you are most likely to conceive?
You must be very careful about your ovulation time. It is during this ovulation period that you are most likely to conceive. A woman’s body releases an egg (ovulation) roughly 14 days before her period. So the ovulation period roughly lasts for 24-48 hours during a cycle. It is a very short time repeated once every month when you are most likely to conceive. But you must be aware of your ovulation period and take preventive measures for saving yourself from an unwanted pregnancy.

Getting Rid Of An Unwanted Pregnancy-Unplanned Pregnancy
Here are some ways in which you can both prevent as well as get rid of an unwanted pregnancy:

Use Contraceptive Pills.
Birth-control pills or Contraceptive Pills are very effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy. Contraceptive Pills are small tablets that you can swallow each day. There are combined contraceptive pills as well which should be taken at the same time each day. If you forget to take one or more tablets for more than 12 hours, then contraceptive protection will be reduced. For getting proper and desired results from these pills, you will have to be consistent and constant. Without which, even the pills can fail you, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy.

Some pills can prevent pregnancy for several years. And it might take some time to restore proper functioning of your reproductive system. So you must consult a doctor and also must try and avoid long term use of these methods in order to become pregnant naturally. Better safe than sorry.

Use a condom
Use a condom, every single time. Condoms will prevent you from getting pregnancy, and they will also protect you from disease. There are 2 types of Condom’s. Male Condom, Female Condom. condoms are 79-95% percent effective.

Intrauterine Devices
a. Intrauterine devices with hormones:
The intrauterine devices re layered with hormones; they are usually inserted by the gynecologist based on the women’s health. The hormones which are layered acts as spermatic. The mobility of the sperms is blocked by the intrauterine device. The device when inserted two times will act as a barrier for about 5 months and prevents pregnancy.

b. Intrauterine devices made of Copper:
These devices are also called as Copper-T; they are also inserted by the gynecologist to prevent undesirable pregnancy in ladies. It is in the kind of T-shaped; that can prevent the entry of the group of sperm into the fallopian tube. Even after the sexual activity, and the semen entry into the vagina; the egg released by the female thus undergoes fertilization. After being inserted with these intrauterine devices; the ladies suffer with some side effects like pain in the lower abdominal region, bleeding from the vaginal route and increased in cramps. While using the intrauterine devices like copper T the ladies ought not to use other contraceptive methods like hormonal pills, ladies condoms and cervical caps. If use the interactions may be extreme.

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